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Ceramic Pro is a pioneer and a trendsetter in the automotive surface protection industry who consistently stays on the cutting edge of automotive paint protection and enhancements. The latest evolution from Ceramic Pro's dedication to forward-thinking is KAVACA® Instant Healing Paint Protection Film. The world's FIRST protective film infused with proprietary nanotechnology – permitting the top layer to heal minor scratches without introducing heat or friction.

The PPF is infused with a proprietary nanoceramic topcoat – that offers extreme hydrophobic, non-yellowing and anti-graffiti properties. In addition, the adhesive is specially formulated with nanotechnology to fill minor imperfections and light scratches on the painted surface of your vehicle.

Kavaca Instant Healing PPF has a limited Lifetime Warranty when installed at certified Ceramic Pro installation centers. Additionally, these certified installation centers document the vehicle's service history report through CarFax, enhancing the value of your vehicle.

The process of infusing nanotechnology in the Top Layer and the adhesive layer makes KAVACA Instant Healing PPF the best and most advanced paint protection film.  This Instant Healing PPF  offers twice the elasticity of other premium protective films and possesses excellent anti-yellowing properties. This translates into a longer-lasting and better-performing PPF.

We also offer Ceramic Coated/Self Healing Paint Protection Film


 Matte Finish PPF.



KAVACA is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “armor.” There is no more fitting term for Kavaca paint protection film. Protection is at the heart of this films objective. All KAVACA PPF’s are manufactured with superior technologies to offer vehicle owners a high-quality film – that holds up longer protects stronger, and produces a visual appearance far superior to competitors.

Our paint protection films will provide an exceptionally durable shield against UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, bug splatters, and road debris such as gravel, wood, and even small pieces of metal. When professionally installed and maintained as directed, Kavaca PPF can protect against rock chips and premature wear and tear for up to 12-years.

Protect your investment. Enhance your vehicle’s resale value. Every installation is attached to your vehicles CarFax Vehicle History Report. The service and warranty are transferrable to the next owner. We at Ceramic Pro were the company that started the Appearance Protection Service reporting feature originally. And we’re just getting started.

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