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Kavaca Paint protection film by Ceramic Pro is premium paint protection for Soda City and the Midlands of South Carolina. Our premium PPF creates an invisible layer of protection between your cars paint and the harsh road conditions that are constantly chipping away at your vehicle. We also offer Vinyl Wraps for color changes, custom stripes, and chrome deletes.

Kavaca PPF -also known as Clear Bra - has a standard 12-Year warranty and an available LIFETIME warranty. Ceramic Pro is the global leader in paint protection and creator of the original nanoceramic coating for cars. With 200 Elite dealers and more than 5000 certified installers, you're never very far from a Ceramic Pro shop and the best paint protection for your car.



Paint Protection Film - Full Vehicle Wrap - Tesla 4- Columbia, SC
paint protection film Lexington, SC - Red Corvette front
paint protection film Columbia, SC - Porsche 718 Cayman Hood
paint protection film Columbia, SC - vehicle wrap Corvette
paint protection film Columbia, SC - Toyota Highlander hood and bumper
paint protection film matte finish _ satin finish - Columbia, SC _ Lexington, SC - Aston M
paint protection film - Columbia, SC - Genesis GV80 -c
paint protection film - Tesla Model 3 -Columbia, SC
paint protection film - Columbia, SC - Mustang Shelby GT500
paint protection film - Columbia, SC - Dodge Challenger
Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Columbia, SC - White Corvette
paint protection film - Columbia, SC - Gray BMW
Columbia PPF -columbia sc-1
paint protection Columbia, SC - Ultimate Armor Tesla Model S
PPF Columbia, SC - BMW X7- 2
paint protection film _ Clear Bra _ PPF Columbia, SC - toyota tundra TRD Pro
PPF _ Paint Protection Film Columbia, SC - Genesis GV80
Paint Protection Film PPF Columbia, SC - BMW X3 M
Paint protection film - PPF Columbia, SC Red Lexus-4
 paint protection film -PPF Columbia, SC - Lexus SUV-4
KAVACA paint protection film logo
premium, high line PPF - Columbia, SC
 Ceramic Coated  PPF

KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is Columbia, and the South Carolina Midlands premium, high line PPF. This clear bra protection film has an incredible high gloss, and is the only true ceramic-infused paint protection film on the market. This film is pre-coated with Ceramic Pro’s proprietary  PPF & Vinyl formula, allowing you to have all the benefits of self-healing paint protection film with the added hydrophobic and self-cleaning action of a Ceramic Pro ceramic coating. This film helps you save money by saving the labor intensive step of adding a ceramic coating after the PPF installation.

12-Year Warranty, or Lifetime warranty

Paint Protection Film matte finish _ Stealth PPF - Aston Martin DBX - Columbia, SC _ Lexi
 Matte Finish / Stealth PPF

Protect your Matte Finish or Convert Your Gloss Finish To Matte.

Our Matte Finish/Stealth PPF by Kavaca gives you the flexibility to instantly transform your gloss paint job to a deep, rich, matte finish at a fraction of the cost of a new matte paint job. This PPF can be installed on car’s paint and carbon fiber parts. The elements in Columbia and the South Carolina Midlands can take their toll on your car. KAVACA Matte Finish/Stealth PPF is infused with a proprietary adhesive formulation that provides better adhesion than any other other film on the market. The best part is you get all the benefits of matte paint, without the cost and extra hassle that comes with caring for matte paint.

12-Year Warranty


Kavaca PPF installations will show on your vehicle’s CarFax to protect it’s resale value!

The Most Advanced Paint Protection Film Available

PPF Packages

Where Should You Apply Paint Protection Film?

PPF can be applied to any area of your vehicle that you want to protect. Interior or exterior.

Below are standard PPF packages that we routinely install. These popular packages cover the areas of a vehicle most susceptible to rock chips, bug damage, and flying debris.

How Much Does PPF Cost?

The prices listed below are for standard vehicles. Larger vehicles have a greater coverage area that uses more product and labor. Therefore, larger vehicles incur slightly higher prices.

Front Bumper

  • Front Bumper

  • Headlights

  • Most Cars $650

Kavaca Clear Bra PPF Rocker Panel Package.jpg

Rocker Panels

  • Rocker Panels

  • Rear Wheel Flare

  • Splash Guard

  • Most Cars $650

Partial Front PPF

Partial Front Package

  • Front Bumper

  • Front 1/3 of Hood

  • Front 1/3 of Fenders

  • Mirror Caps

  • Headlights

  • Most Cars $1000

Hood, Bumper, & Mirrors 

  • Front Bumper

  • Hood

  • Mirror Caps

  • Most Cars $1200


Full Front Package

  • Front Bumper

  • Hood

  • Fenders

  • Mirror Caps

  • Headlights

  • Fog lights

  • Most Cars $1899

Paint Protection Film Vehicle Wrap.png

Full Vehicle Wrap

  • All Exterior Painted Surfaces

  • Headlights

  • Fog lights

  • Starts At $6000

Create your own custom package or combine any of the packages above.

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Kavaca paint protection film is thermoplastic urethane  ( TPU) self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. This film can be used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, nearly any smooth, no-porous surface that you want to protect from nicks, scratches and chips.

Kavaca PPF (Kavaca means Armor) is specifically designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, stone chips, and other types of physical damage.

Within the Kavaca line, we offer three customizable types of paint protection film:

  1. Ceramic Coated/Self Healing PPF

  2. Instant Healing PPF

  3. Matte Finish PPF

Premium, highline PPF - Columbia, SC


  Kavaca PPF by Ceramic Pro has an industry leading 12 year warranty. A lifetime warranty is available with annual inspections.

Other PPF brands only offer a 5 to 10 year warranty.


KAVACA Paint Protection Film has the best gloss, the best self healing , and the best warranty of any PPF.  Kavaca  PPF utilizes Ceramic Pro nanoceramic technology during production. This advanced manufacturing process gives Kavaca PPF the ability to improve the overall visual appearance of any surface to which it is applied. In addition, it helps to seal minor imperfections on the paint surface without leaving the orange peel effect that is common with many automotive protective films.
Using superior materials, stringent quality control, and advanced nanotechnology produces the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and strongest adhesion of any paint protection film made today.


Paint protection film is designed to protect your cars paint from scratches, rock chips, scrapes, graffiti, sap, chemicals, fading from the suns rays, and even minor impacts. Additionally, Kavaca PPF has an extremely high gloss and greatly reduces the orange peel / paint texture look that many vehicles have. 

  • Kavaca PPF will keep your vehicle looking new all the time. It will prevent the suns rays from causing hazing and oxidation. 

  • Kavaca PPF will heal itself from minor scratches and rock chips.

  • In the event of more severe damage, Kavaca PPF can be peeled off and replaces with new film.

Why Kavaca Paint Protection Film?

  • It helps to protect the vehicle's paint from stone chips, scratches, etc. while providing an extreme gloss or a rich matte finish.

  • It can be applied as a front bumper package, clear bra, full front, or entire vehicle clear paint protection film.

  • Up to a 12 Year Limited Warranty – Highest Among Protective Film

  • Kavaca PPF provides Superior Scratch Resistance for the Painted Surface, the hood, fender, side view mirrors, headlights, and more.

  • Kavaca has exceptional clarity. Bonds directly to the clear coat of factory paint and helps to reduce swirl marks better than other paint protection films.

  • Excellent protection on automotive paint against bug splatter, stone chips, stain resistance, salt, road grime, and ice or snow.

  • Read more about the Benefits Of Paint Protection Film

Can Ceramic Coating Be Applied On Top Of Clear Bra / PPF?

Absolutely! We offer Ceramic Coating For PPF and Vinyl as a service. A ceramic coating that is made for PPF and vinyl can greatly extend the life span of PPF and vinyl. Additionally, our ceramic coating will

prevent fading from the sun while also making the PPF extremely hydrophobic and much easier to clean and maintain.

We also offer a ceramic coated paint protection film that is coated during the manufacturing process in order to eliminate the need for an addition coating after the PPF installation.

Whats the Best Paint Protection For My Car?

There are different types of paint protection available for your car, depending on your needs.

Ceramic coatings provide great protection against UV damage, oxidation, minor abrasion, and stains from bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Ceramic coatings fall short when it comes to protection from scapes, scratches rock chips and flying debris.

When it comes to protection from rock chips, scratches, and flying debris, paint protection film is king. PPF is designed to resist damage from mild impacts that might otherwise chip away at your paint. PPF also provides excellent protection from UV damage, oxidation, and stains.

  • Kavaca PPF by Ceramic Pro is a premium protection film. Kavaca PPF boasts the most advanced self healing and instant healing properties of any PPF or Clear Bra available. In short, Kavaca is the most advanced PPF anywhere.

  • Additionally, because Kavaca Ceramic Coated PPF is ceramic coated during the manufacturing process, it is extremely  easy to maintain.

  • Finally, Ceramic Pro and Kavaca put their money where their mouth is with the best warranty in the industry. 12 Year or Lifetime warranties are available.


Is Paint Protection Film Good?

Yes! Nearly every car manufacturer uses or approves the use of paint protection film. Paint protection film is often installed by manufacturers on various pieces of cars at the factory. This clear protection film is most commonly applied to high-impact areas of vehicles like: the hood, the front fenders, the front bumper, the side view mirrors, the rocker panels, the lower portion of the doors, and the rear guards behind the rear wheels. Those specific panels are the most susceptible to damage from rock chips and other forms of road debris from other vehicles, and even through self-inflicted damage caused by debris that is inevitably is kicked up from the tires rotating. Area’s of a vehicle that are more succeptible to rock chips and other damage are generally in need of a premium, high line PPF to protect those areas. Responsible clear bra paint protection film manufacturers usually certify, and  train professionals who purchase and install their protective films.

Is Paint Protection Film On Cars Worth It?

Yes, if you want to protect your car from rock chips and other flying debris. Kavaca paint protection film by Ceramic Pro will also heal itself

 From light scratches, prevent fading from the sun and protect your car from tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals, etc.

Is Paint Protection Film Better Than Ceramic Coating?

When it comes to protection from rock chips, and scratches, paint protection film (also known as clear bra or PPF is the best form of protection for your car.

If you're more of an in-town driver who's not on the highway very often, rock chips and flying debris may not be a concern for you. 

In this case ceramic coating is an excellent way to keep your car protected and looking new.

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