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A workier machine polishing / paint correcting a car


A worker performing paint correction / machine compounding and polishing a car
Paint Correction before and after - Silverado at Vivid Finish And Films

Paint Correction Restores Old Paint And Enhances New Paint.

Noticing that your car doesn't shine quite like it used to? Even if your car is only a year old, paint correction can make it look better than it did when new. In fact, even a brand new car can see a drastic improvement from paint correction. 

When your vehicle was first painted at the factory it was only painted and clear coated, but it wasn't polished. Polishing and paint correcting your car will even bring a factory new finish to new levels of gloss and clarity. You will see depth of color and reflection that will surpass the factory finish.

The same is true for older vehicles. Older vehicles will see haziness and scratches disappear and the high polished shine and richness of color can be breathtaking! Every finish is different and will require individual attention. We routinely remove oxidation (dull paint), acid rain (water spots on the paint’s surface), and surface scratches from your paint’s finish. Deep scratches are not usually correctable with this process, however, we offer a professional grade paint touch-up solution for deep scratches that we have offered to auto dealers for years. 

In most cases if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it’s probably too deep to be removed with basic paint correction. Fortunately, we offer free consultations, so feel free to stop by. 

Most correction projects include:

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Decontaminate Paint Surface

  • Clean Rims

  • Clean Wheel Wells

  • Clay Bar Painted Surfaces

  • Dry Vehicle

  • Tape off All Molding

  • Compound Paint (removes surface defects)

  • Lighter Compound (removes swirls)

  • Rewash Vehicle (removes compound dust)

  • Machine Polish

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