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How Paint Protection Film Protects Your Vehicle

You have worked hard for a long time to buy your dream car finally. Now that you have it, you will do everything you can to protect and maintain your vehicle's beauty. A paint protection film is an excellent investment to help prevent scratches and minor damages to your precious possession.

Creating A Barrier Against the Elements

A paint protection film is made of an elastic polymer that is perfectly fitted to your vehicle's shapes and curves. At Vivid Finish And Films, we use a professional grade plotter and cutter along with state-of the art-software the cuts the film to the perfect shape of your vehicles panel. As a result, it stretches across your car and retains its shape while providing a worthwhile barrier of protection.  
The function of a PPF is quite similar to the protective film on your mobile phone or tablet. It serves as the barrier between your vehicle and many external factors. However, unlike the protective film on your phone, the PPF is self-healing. That means that when the film gets a scratch, it will become smooth again. 
Proper installation is the cornerstone of success for a PPF. It can be a difficult task and requires precision to fully utilize all of the benefits that it can provide for your car. 

A Great PPF Starts With A Great Installation

Deciding to purchase a paint protection film is a considerable investment. Choosing the suitable film and the right installer is a crucial part of the decision. Here at Vivid Finish And Films use Kavaca Ceramic PPF by Ceramic Pro. We are factory trained and certified by Ceramic Pro to install their Paint Protection Film. Our installers are highly skilled and will help protect your shiny new car paint for years to come.

You simply can't go wrong with Kavaca, whether you choose our Matte Finish PPF, Instant Healing PPF, or the extreme gloss and protection of our Ceramic Coated PPF. Contact us today for more information.

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