A man Detailing a car



to clean and refurbish (a vehicle) very thoroughly and meticulously
// detail a car

If you are searching the Columbia, SC, and Lexington, SC area for excellence in vehicle detailing, bring your car to the certified professionals at Vivid Finish And Films. We take great pride in making your vehicle look its absolute best. We painstakingly and meticulously remove every stain and blemish. We thoroughly clean every nook and cranny and restore every surface.
We have over two decades of experience in automotive restorations—everything from well-loved family vehicles to classics, luxury cars, and exotic cars.
At Vivid Finish And Films, you can expect a professional auto detailing service. We'll work to exceed your expectations by continually striving for perfection. We want to bring that "WOW" factor back to your vehicle and to give you that new car feeling all over again. Therefore, we cater exclusively to the needs and expectations of each customer. In addition, we offer an extensive list of professional services and packages that protect and enhance the value of your vehicle. Our services include dent repair, scratch removal, window tinting, paint protection film, paint correction, buffing, and more. 
We're on Sunset Blvd. between Columbia, SC, and Lexington, SC.
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Detailing Packages

Wash, Wax & Vacuum

Starting at $159

A great starting package to freshen Keep your exterior looking new and a basic touch up on the interior.

3 to 6 Month Sealant

  • Foam Cannon/ Two Bucket Wash

  • Thoroughly Clean Wheels, Wheel Barrels, and Wheel Wells

  • Bug Removal

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Compressed Air Drying and Super Plush Microfiber Towel Drying

  • Clay Bar All Glass

  • Glass Sealant Applied to Windshield and Front Windows

  • 1 Coat of Bead Maker Sealant on Exterior Paint.

  • Vacuum Interior

  • Clean Interior Windows

  • Dress Tires With Non-Slinging Dressing

Interior Detail

Starting at $149

This detail package will make the interior of your vehicle look new again by removing stains, spills, smudges, and debris from all surfaces and crevices.


  • Clean and Vacuum Carpet and Floor Matts

  • Soft Scrub Leather

  • Condition Leather

  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

  • Clean Interior Panels / Dash / Center Console

  • Clean Cup Holders, Glove Box, Etc

  • Clean Cracks & Crevices

  • Clean Door Jams

  • Dress Interior (optional)

Interior Detail

Starting at $369

Purifies surfaces from bad smells, disease-causing pathogens, mold, and other issues caused by microbes, bacteria, and viruses.

The photocatalytic effect lasts for up to 6 months.

Everything From The Interior Detail Package Plus:

  • Carpet And Fabric Extraction 

  • 300-degree Steam Treatment of Carpet and Fabrics

  • Steam Out Interior & Vents with 300-degree steam blast to kill bacteria, and mold

  • Ozone Treatment to Purify, Sterilize, and Deodorize.

  • Application of Ceramic Pro TAG for 6 months of protection from bad smells, disease-causing pathogens, mold, and other issues caused by microbes, bacteria, and viruses. 

Interior Detail
Interior Ceramic Protection

Starting at $390

The interior detail makes the interior of your vehicle look new again. The Ceramic Protection keeps your interior looking new by repelling spills and stains and by keeping fibers and synthetic surfaces clean. 

2 Year Warranty on Interior Protection.

Everything From The Interior Detail Plus:

  • Ceramic Pro Textile for Carpet and Fabric Seats. It Repels Stains and Spills and keeps the Fibers Clean for 2 Years.

Stain Removal
Extractor & Steam Cleaning

By Estimate

Exterior Detailing Packages

Exterior Deatil
6 Month Ceramic

Starting at $320

For those vehicles whose paint has seen better days, we can do wonders...

  • Hand Wash Exterior

  • Decontaminate Paint Surface With Iron and Fallout Remover

  • Clay Bar Exterior Paint

  • Clean & Decontaminate Rims

  • Clean Wheel Wells

  • Dry Vehicle

  • Tape off All Moldings

  • Rewash Vehicle (removes compound dust)

  • Stage 1 Polish & Gloss Enhancement

    Ceramic Pro Sport on:

  • Paint, Wheels and Glass

  • Dress Tires & Molding

Add On Services

  • Headlight Restoration: $50 per light

  • Water Spot Removal: By estimate

  • Scratch Removal: By Estimate

  • Paint Touch-Up: Starting at $40

  • Plastic Trim Restoration: By Estimate

  • Engine Steam Cleaning: Starting at $40

  • Overspray Removal: By Estimate

  • Tar Removal: By Estimate

  • Sticker Removal: By estimate

  • Pin Stripe Removal: By Estimate