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Ceramic Pro 9H: The Best Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

There are more than a few ceramic coatings available. There is no shortage of DIY ceramic coatings, but these DIY products do not offer the same benefits like a professionally installed 9H coating. A good ceramic coating provides enormous value in its level of protection of your paint. However, when you want the best coating, choose Ceramic Pro 9H. It is ranked the best coating for all types of vehicles. Ceramic Pro 9H is the original nanoceramic coating made for automotive use. 

This is a tried and true coating that has withstood hundreds of thousands of installations and undergone extensive testing.

What is Ceramic Pro 9H?

Ceramic Pro 9H is the crown jewel product of all vehicle paint coatings. It provides resistance to all types of chemicals, scratches, corrosion, UV rays, and oxidation. 
The hardness level 9H is the "why" behind the name of Ceramic Pro 9H. Unlike any other ceramic coating, this flagship product is uniquely formulated with nano-technology and adds additional thickness and layers to your car's finish.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro 9H - Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle

The nano-ceramic elements of Ceramic Pro 9H offer more permanent protection for your vehicle. After being treated, your car will avoid scratches, dirt, premature aging, bugs, and rain acid with Ceramic Pro 9H. Sealing your vehicles with ceramic pro 9H will provide multiple benefits for your paint, such as:

  • Reducing orange peel

  • Preventing color fading on your vinyl wraps or paint protection film

  • Easier cleaning of the exterior of your vehicle

  • Leaving an outstanding paint shine and finish

This phenomenal ceramic coating should only be applied by an expert installer like our team here at Vivid Finish And Films. We seal Ceramic Pro 9H on your vehicles with high precision and a seamless finish.

We offer two ceramic coating packages that include 9H: The Gold Package has a Lifetime warranty and our Silver Package has a 5 year warranty Contact us today for a free Ceramic Pro 9H quote.

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