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6 To 12 Month Ceramic Coating Starting At $349

Ceramic Pro Sport is an excellent coating for those new to paint protection and who want to experience what a ceramic coating can do without the expense of a longer-lasting coating.

If you're looking for a longer lasting coating or a coating with more scratch resistance, we also offer a two-year coating as well as a more scratch resistant 5-Year coating.

If you're concerned about the possibility of rock chips on the front of your vehicle, you may consider a combination of Paint Protection Film on the areas of your car that are prone to flying debris and ceramic coating on the remainder of the car.


This package includes the following treatment to prepare it for the ceramic coating:


  • Foam Cannon Wash

  • Wheel Wash

  • Iron & Fallout Decontamination Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Final Prep Wash and Dry


Then The Ceramic Coating Process Begins.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Sport On All Exterior Paint


Much like our two-year coating, Ceramic Pro Sport will create an incredibly slick surface that will repel contaminants, preventing them from becoming embedded on your vehicle's surface.

The super slickness causes water to bead on the surface of your car. The water beads encapsulate dirt and road grime as they slide off your vehicle, effectively carrying away the dirt.

Eventually, every car will get dirty, but when washed, a Ceramic Pro coated car will return to the freshly detailed look that it had when we first coated your car.  

Ceramic Pro Sport will act as a barrier against fading from the sun and against stains from tree sap and bird droppings.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Sport On Wheels


Your wheel faces are ceramic coated with Ceramic Pro Sport. This incredibly slick coating will protect your wheels by preventing brake dust and other contaminants from becoming embedded in your wheels. In addition, Ceramic Pro Sport will protect the finish on your wheels while making them much easier to keep clean.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Sport On Exterior Plastic


All exterior plastics are coated with Ceramic Pro Sport, enhancing gloss, preventing fading or graying, and keeping your exterior plastics looking new.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Sport On All Glass


Having Ceramic Pro Sport on your windows will cause rain and water to bead and roll off your glass while driving. Sport will act as a barrier against bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and water spots.

Complete your vehicles protection by adding window tint for the protection of your interior. Our Kavaca window film by Ceramic Pro will prevent harmful UV rays from damaging and fading your cars interior. Our window tints greatly reduce both daytime and night time glare. In addition, they can reject up to 96% of infrared heat.

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