Ceramic Pro Gold Package Starting At $2199

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package is the ultimate lifetime ceramic coating for your car, providing permanent paint protection with a lifetime warranty.

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package is perfect for car enthusiasts who plan to keep their vehicle for the long haul. 

If you're concerned about the possibility of rock chips on the front of your vehicle, you may consider a combination of Paint Protection Film on the areas of your car that are prone to flying debris and ceramic coating on the remainder of the car.

If you are looking to trade your vehicle in the next three to five years, our Silver Package with a Five-Year Warranty may better suit your needs.

We also offer a Bronze Package with a Two-Year Warranty and a Sport Package that's a great Six to Twelve Month coating.

The Lifetime ceramic coating includes the following extensive cleaning process to prepare your vehicle for the coating.

  • Foam Cannon Wash

  • Wheel Wash

  • Iron & Fallout Decontamination Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Final Prep Wash and Dry

  • Taping Jams, Emblems, Moldings, and Gaskets.

  • Dual-action Polish (Single-step paint correction)


Four Layers Of Ceramic Pro 9H


The Gold Package includes four layers of Ceramic Pro 9h resulting in a thick, glossy, protective shell that is three times harder than your car's clear coat. In addition, this nano-ceramic coating creates a permanent bond with your painted surface that will never wear away or break down. No coating will protect your vehicle better than Ceramic Pro 9H. Only Paint Protection Film can offer a higher degree of protection.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Top Coat


After receiving four layers of incredibly durable protection, your car will get one layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat to produce a super slick surface with even more gloss and depth of color. In addition, Ceramic Pro Top Coat has an incredible hydrophobic effect that will make your car easy to keep clean.

Once your paint has been coated with four layers of protection and one layer of super slickness, we move on to your wheels.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro 9H On Wheels


Your wheel faces are ceramic coated with Ceramic Pro 9H. This incredibly powerful coating will protect your wheels by preventing brake dust and other contaminants from becoming embedded in your wheels. Ceramic Pro 9H will protect the finish on your wheels while making them much easier to keep clean.


One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Glass


But Wait, There's More.

We're not finished yet! Next, we'll coat all of your windows with Ceramic Pro Glass. Our glass coating will repel water and dirt while protecting your windows from water spots and tree sap. Even bugs and bird droppings will wash away easily.


Before the Ceramic Coating, We Do Extensive Prep Work.


The Ceramic Coating Preparation Process.

Before applying the coating, we prepare your car's paint by thoroughly detailing your car's exterior. 


Foam Cannon

First, we use a foam cannon with a professional-grade soap that encapsulates dirt and road grime. As the heavy foam drips off of your car, it carries the dirt with it and eliminates the need for traditional scrubbing, which can produce surface scratches on your vehicle.


Decontamination Spray

Second, we decontaminate your car's paint by spraying the exterior of your vehicle with an iron and fallout remover. This will dissolve the iron deposits and brake dust embedded in the pores of your paint. 

Those pores will later be filled and sealed with a nano-ceramic coating. After the decontamination spray is rinsed away with water, we move to the clay bar process.


Clay Bar

Third, we clay bar the entire surface of your car. The clay bar process removes the remaining contaminants from your vehicle's paint and leaves your painted surface feeling slick and smooth.


Final Prep Wash & Dry

Fourth, we give it a final wash using a waterless wash to remove any residue left behind by the clay bar process. Finally, we dry the vehicle with a super plush microfiber towel.


Taping Jams, Emblems, Moldings, and Gaskets.

Before the paint correction process, we apply masking tape to sensitive areas and areas where compounds and polishes can build up and become unsightly.


Paint Correction

Next, we use a dual-action polisher and Americana polishing compounds to remove surface scratches, water spots, and other blemishes from the painted surface. The paint correction process also polishes your car's clear coat and restores/enhances rich color and deep gloss. 

A single stage of paint correction is included in the price of every Gold Package. If your vehicle has heavy marring, faded paint, or excessive water spots, you may want to add on our 2-stage or 3-stage paint correction. Each paint correction stage will take your vehicle's finish closer to perfection by removing more blemishes and bringing out more gloss and color.


Final Cleaning

Next, we use a surface cleaner to remove any oils or compounds left behind from the Paint Correction process. 

Finally, we apply Ceramic Pro Nano Primer to ensure a spotless surface ready for Ceramic Pro 9H - the most reputable name in the ceramic coating industry.

Complete your vehicles protection by adding window tint for the protection of your interior. Our Kavaca window film by Ceramic Pro will prevent harmful UV rays from damaging and fading your cars interior. Our window tints greatly reduce both daytime and night time glare. In addition, they can reject up to 96% of infrared heat.

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