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Protect Your Vinyl Wrap Or PPF From Fading, Staining, Or Scratching

Ceramic Pro's PPF and Vinyl ceramic coatings are made specifically for Paint Protection Film, vinyl wraps, and vinyl graphics. The unique formulation of this ceramic coating for PPF and Vinyl allows it to permeate and bond to PPF and vinyl for the ultimate protection.
Vinyl wraps on vehicles face challenges in the areas of care and longevity. Vinyl can easily become discolord or stained from everyday use and from exposure to harmful UV rays.

Most vinyl wraps with business graphics are even more susceptible to staining and fading, because the graphics were ink printed on top of the vinyl. Vinyls and inks lack protective qualities and can quickly and easily begin to look weathered, and worn. 

Ceramic Pro's special ceramic coating provides a solution to these challenges. 
The PPF and Vinyl Basecoat is a thick and durable ceramic coating that protects the vinyl from minor scratches and staining while also preventing UV and oxidation damage. 
Ceramic Pro Top Coat can be applied on top of Ceramic Pro Basecoat to give the vinyl a more glossy and paint-like appearance. Top Coat also has extreme hydrophobic properties that make it resistant to contaminants that typically stick to the vinyl, like road grime, bugs, etc.
Ceramic Pro Top Coat for PPF and Vinyl also makes the vinyl wrap extremely easy to clean and maintain.
Chrome wraps and darker colors will have a layer of protection from the scratching and hazing that they typically suffer during washing. In addition, the hydrophobic effects of the ceramic coating make dirt, road grime, bugs, and other contaminants rinse away with little effort.


Matte Or Satin Finish Protection

Ceramic Pro's Basecoat for PPF and vinyl will not change the sheen or glossiness of a matte or satin finish vinyl, yet the coating still makes the feel of the surface much slicker. The slickness of the coating will resist fingerprints and stains and make the vinyl easier to care for by preventing dirt from becoming embedded in the wrap.

Ceramic Pro's PPF And Vinyl Coatings "Best New Product" Winner At SEMA 2017

Since winning "Best New Product" at SEMA 2017, Ceramic Pro's PPF and Vinyl ceramic coating has revolutionized how vehicle wraps are protected.
In 2018, Ceramic Pro took the same partly protected and partly unprotected vinyl wrap back to SEMA to show the difference after one year. Again, the results are drastic and eye-opening.
Protect your investment today!

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