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The Stylish Look of Window Tinting 

Dark tinted windows can give a vehicle an incredibly stylish look. So it's no wonder that adding vehicle window tinting is so popular. There are many great reasons why people choose to have the windows tinted on their vehicle, and most are entirely logical purposes.  

Benefits of Adding Window Tint to Your Vehicle 

Adding tint has many extensive benefits, from privacy to reliable UV protection. Here's a summary of some significant advantages of adding tint to your vehicle windows.

  • Protection from the sun

One benefit of tinting for your vehicle is the protection it gives you and your passengers against the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. Ceramic, carbon, and metallic are the specific types of window films designed to block heat transfer through your car. Blocking infrared energy and heat is vital to our health as it protects us from the risk of heat stroke, cancer, and skin disease.  


  • Reduces glare

The light that passes through your car and causes glare can be hazardous for your eyes. Window tinting will reduce the light that penetrates through your window. Protective tint also helps you to avoid car accidents due to temporary blindness or glaring.


  • Stylish look

Your window tint can also add to the appearance and value of your vehicle. Sleek and dark car windows are appealing and perhaps even a bit sophisticated and mysterious.   


  • Additional privacy

Avoid the annoying scenario of having onlookers gazing into your vehicle while in traffic. Adding tint to your windows provides additional privacy while you are inside your car. A tinted window will give you peace of mind whether driving or in park. In addition, you can stress less about the potential of missing valuables when no one can see inside your vehicle.


Have your protective window tinting installed by our professional team here at Vivid Finish And Films. We are factory trained and certified to install Kavaca window tint by Ceramic Pro. There is no better window tint available anywhere and our window tint warranty is the best in the industry! Call us today to schedule your installation. 

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