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The Benefits of Paint Protection Film

When you buy a new car, the last thing you want to worry about is the daily wear and tear that inevitably comes along. But, unfortunately, minor scratches and UV damage are all likely to happen at some point. 

Paint protection film (PPF) is a transparent film, usually around 8 to 9 millimeters thick, applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle. This film offers an extra layer of protection to keep the paint surface on your car looking great. 

How Paint Protection Film Helps Protect Your Vehicle

PPF is used to protect your paint from things like paint chips from stones, bug splatters, scratches, oxidation, and any other minor damages. Here are the benefits that you can expect: 

  • Long-lasting protection

If installed properly and maintained well, this protective film can offer many years of protection for your vehicle. In addition, our Kavaca PPF by Ceramic Pro comes with an industry-leading 12-year warranty. Maintenance does not include anything different than the usual washing and waxing of your car.  


  • Anti-Scratch and self-healing properties

When minor scratches and damages occur to the protective film surface, it actually can heal these flaws. Kavaca PPF by Ceramic Pro does not require heat or hat water to heal. Our films are truly self-healing. 

  • Helps prevent oxidation

Exposure to the damaging rays of the sun as well as other wear and tear can do a number on your vehicle paint. Over time, the paint begins to dry out and become dull. PPF offers a layer of protection to slow this natural process and keep your paint shiny longer.   

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Like New

Installing a paint protection film will keep the paint on your vehicle looking like new for much longer. At Vivid Finish And Films, we are factory trained and certified by Ceramic Pro to install their Paint Protection Film.

Whether you choose Instant Healing PPF, Matte Finish PPF, or our Ceramic Coated PPF, you simply cant go wrong choosing Kavaca!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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