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ION Ceramic Coating - 7-Year Warranty

Ceramic Pro ION Has Twice The Strength, Density, And Longevity Of Traditional Nanoceramic Coatings, and Cant Be Measured By Industry Standards for Hardness, Because ION's Hardness, And Resistance To Abrasion Is Off The Scale!

Sedans, and Coupes: Starting @ $1250

Mid Size SUV: Starting @ $1450

Trucks & XL SUVs: Starting @ $1650

Ceramic Pro ION replaces our old, first generation 5-Year Warranty ceramic coating. 

ION offers better protection, and a better warranty.

The Ceramic Pro ION Package has a seven-year warranty and is one of our most popular packages! It's an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep their car protected and looking new for the duration of their ownership. 

If you're concerned about the possibility of rock chips on the front of your vehicle, you may consider a combination of Paint Protection Film on the areas of your car that are prone to flying debris and ceramic coating on the remainder of the car.

For the car enthusiast who plans to keep their car for the long haul, we offer a Lifetime Ceramic Coating.

For those unfamiliar with ceramic coatings or those looking for a more budget friendly coating we offer two packages that can fit most budgets:

The Seven-Year ceramic coating includes the following extensive cleaning process to prepare your vehicle for the coating.

  • Foam Cannon Wash

  • Wheel Wash

  • Iron & Fallout Decontamination Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Final Prep Wash and Dry

  • Taping Jambs, Emblems, Moldings, and Gaskets.

  • Dual-action Polish (Single-step paint correction)

Then The Ceramic Coating Process begins:

One Layer Of Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat


The ION Package offers the premium protection of Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat. ION is the new, second-generation of ceramic coatings by Ceramic Pro that utilize ion exchange technology to create the hardest, most dense, and longest lasting paint protection coating ever. ION coatings represent a major advancement in automotive paint protection by utilizing the same tempering process used to manufacture ultra-hard screens for modern smart phones.

Known to be the pioneer and innovator of paint protection coatings, Ceramic Pro's new ION coating requires less labor to install and less time to cure, resulting in a less expensive, higher quality coating for the end consumer. 

ION will create a permanent bond with your car's paint and establish an ultra-hard glass shell that remains flexible and is not brittle. In addition, this new glass shell on the surface of your car is many times harder than your car's clear coat, making it much more resistant to abrasion, swirls, stains, and the appearance of wear and tear. 


One Layer Of ION Top Coat


After applying a hard, glass-like shell of protection to your car's paint we'll go further by applying ION Top Coat.

When applied on top of Base Coat, ION Top Coat will initiate a chemical tempering process that produces the hardest, most dense, and longest lasting clear coat protection coating on the market.  In addition, ION Top Coat has an incredible hydrophobic effect that will make your car easy to keep clean. ION Top Coat will be applied to all exterior paint.


Wheel Coating

The type of wheels you have will determine the coating used. Gloss painted wheels will receive ION Base Coat and ION Top Coat, just as your exterior paint did. Matte finish wheels will receive Ceramic Pro's 9H coating, and non-painted wheels will be coated with Ceramic Pro's Wheel & Caliper coating.

Each of these  incredibly powerful coatings will protect your wheels by preventing brake dust and other contaminants from becoming embedded in your wheels. In addition, each of these coatings will protect the finish on your wheels while making them much easier to keep clean.

Your wheel faces are included with this package.

Exterior Plastics Coating

All exterior plastics will be treated with Ceramic Pro's Plastic coating. This coating will bond to the surface of your cars exterior plastics to provide protection from stains and fading from the sun.


But wait, we're not finished!

One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Glass On All Windows


Next, we'll coat all of your windows with Ceramic Pro Glass. Our glass coating will cause water to peel away from your windshield while driving. Ceramic Pro Glass will also resist water spots, tree sap, bugs, and bird droppings.

Complete your vehicles protection by adding window tint for the protection of your interior. Our Kavaca window film by Ceramic Pro will prevent harmful UV rays from damaging and fading your cars interior. Our window tints greatly reduce both daytime and night time glare. In addition, they can reject up to 97% of infrared heat.

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